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Quick Tips for Choosing a New Fencing Material for Your Property

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The fencing material you choose for your property is probably more important than you realize; a fence needs to mark off boundaries and create separation from your neighbours, but it should also work to provide privacy and security, and enhance the look of your space rather than detract from it. Note a few quick tips for choosing the best fencing material for your property and then discuss your options with a contractor as needed.

Consider Your Privacy

Consider if you need privacy in your space; even if your home is situated some distance from the neighbours, you may not be able to enjoy a patio or deck if you feel like you're under their watchful eye, or might be distracted by the pool parties they have in their backyard.

If a tall wood fence is too large for your space, note that a chain link or hurricane fence also doesn't provide much privacy. You can compromise by having a hurricane fence with vinyl slats put through the mesh to make it solid. If you prefer a more natural look, plant climbing vines or hedges along a hurricane fence, to block the view.

Add Sound Insulation

Wood fences will absorb soundwaves rather than allow them to pass through, and glass will reflect that sound and bounce it back to the source, so these are good options for when you need sound insulation. Bamboo stalks can also absorb sound and provide a quieter space for you.

Match the Style of Your Home & Landscaping

Consider the style of your home and your landscaping when choosing a fence. A wrought iron fence with bars may seem out of place next to a traditional red brick home. A rustic wood fence may not fit with a modern home with lots of metal and glass accents. If you work hard on your landscaping but it seems to disappear into the horizon, choose a white picket or wood fence, to help your flowers and shrubs stand out.

Know Your Gate Options

Consider the style of gate that you can install with your fence. A sliding gate will need space for pulleys and chains, and this may look best with a hurricane or wrought iron fence. A wood gate that swings outward will need proper clearance, and it may not work well if your driveway has any type of slope that would get in the way of the gate. Don't overlook this detail with your fence when choosing the material, as you want to ensure you get a gate that is secure but also looks attractive and fits your space.