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Make Your Tubular Fence Beautiful With These Five Ideas

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When many people think of tubular fences, they think of sturdy metal gates in the front of cow yards. However, these fences are not exclusively the domain of rural properties. Rather they appear on urban properties as well, where they can sport a range of styles.

If you are looking for ways to make your tubular fence look more beautiful for the city, check out these ideas:

1. Play with a range of styles when ordering the fence

If you haven't ordered your tubular fence yet, get ready to have some fun. Tubular fences come in a wide range of styles, colors and designs. Whether you want a knee-high tubular fence, a privacy height fence, a black fence, a pink fence, one with rounded lines or one with threatening spikes, you can find exactly what you want.

For example, make a sleek statement with a black metal tubular fence with turned spindles and decorative spikes, or if you prefer a stronger look, buy tubular fence panels that rest on top of an adobe or concrete foundation and between adobe or concrete posts.

2. Cover your tubular fence panels with wood

If you already have your tubular fence, you are not necessarily stuck with its style until you can replace it. Rather, there are a number of things you can do to modify or decorate it. If you want a bit more privacy, consider installing wood panels along your tubular fence.

A fencing contractor can make you wood panels that fit over your existing panels so that you can see the posts between them, but passersby can no longer see through your fence. If you like, you don't have to have wood panels. Instead, you can use canvas, durable plastic or a range of other materials. The panels themselves can even be decorated.

3. Use landscaping to enhance the look of the fence

In other cases, you may love that people can see through the slats of your tubular fence, and you may not want to change anything about it. However, you can enhance it with your landscaping.

As people can see both sides of the land around the fence, consider making a sharp visual contrast by varying the landscaping on either side of the fence. For example, plant lush grass inside the fence, but have a pebble border around the fence.

Although this does nothing to change the tubular fence itself, it draws attention to it and helps create a cleaner look.

4. Train creeping plants to grow along your tubular fence

Instead of doing a sharp contrast with the landscaping immediately around the fence, consider letting your landscaping cover the fence.

A wide range of creepers and climbers will easily and handily cover your fence. You can choose from the sweet fire-colored Pandorea or the gentle pink Fraser Island creeping flowers, and if you prefer your tubular fence to be covered with edibles, you can train peas or grapes or another vine with fruits or veggies to cover them.  

5. Bead your fence slats

If you don't have a green thumb but still want your tubular fence to be decorated, consider the potential of beads. If you can remove the spindles on your tubular fence, you simply need to remove them, slip a few beads over them and replace them.

Large wooden beads painted a range of beautiful colours look the best. You can let all of the beads fall to the bases of the spindles and arrange them in stacks of various heights, or you can fit the beads tightly on the spindles so they sit at various heights without being stacked.

Alternatively, consider weaving colourful scarves or other long pieces of fabric through the spindles of your tubular fence. You will have to wash the fabric occasionally, but it can make the fence look charming and colourful.