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4 Reasons Why Tubular Fencing is a Good Idea

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If you are planning to replace the fencing around your property, you may not have considered using tubular fencing. Tubular fencing can offer many benefits. This article will explore some of the reasons why choosing tubular fencing is a good idea. Read on to discover more. Extreme durability  One of the major advantages offered by this type of fencing is its durability. Tubular fencing is typically made using galvanised steel which has been coated in zinc powder and then painted with water-resistant paint. Read More»

6 Reasons to Choose Chain Mesh Fencing for Your Residential Property

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Although at first glance, chain mesh fencing might not seem very suitable to a residential property, it does have many underrated benefits. For one thing, because chain mesh fencing isn’t a solid barrier, adding additional features to it is a sinch. This alone means that a chain mesh fence can benefit your property in numerous ways. If you aren’t sure if chain mesh fencing is the right fencing solution for you, then check out the following benefits before you decide. Read More»

Three Autumn Maintenance Tips For Your Automatic Gate

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Now that the summer storm season has passed, it is important to look around your property to see if any damage has occurred during the heavy rainfall and strong winds. Automatic gates are a mechanical item which need seasonal attention to make sure they are operating correctly. Use these three autumn maintenance tips to make sure that your automatic gate is up to the task of working without issue. Visual Inspection Read More»