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6 Reasons to Choose Chain Mesh Fencing for Your Residential Property

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Although at first glance, chain mesh fencing might not seem very suitable to a residential property, it does have many underrated benefits. For one thing, because chain mesh fencing isn't a solid barrier, adding additional features to it is a sinch. This alone means that a chain mesh fence can benefit your property in numerous ways.

If you aren't sure if chain mesh fencing is the right fencing solution for you, then check out the following benefits before you decide.

1. Preserve Inward Views

If you live in a family-friendly neighbourhood and have young children, a chain mesh fence can help your children socialize with other neighbourhood kids. And if you want others to admire your garden, they'll be able to do so with a chain mesh fence.

2. Preserve Outward Views

Only a chain mesh fence will provide you with an almost unbroken view to the scenery beyond your property. If your home overlooks a natural beauty spot, a chain mesh fence will preserve the view to it.

3. Keep an Eye on People and Pests

If pests like rats or feral cats sometimes invade your property, you'll be able to see them coming with chain mesh fencing. Likewise, if you want to keep an eye on people or would-be intruders in the area, you'll also be able to do that.

4. Grow Climbing Fruit Plants Like Passion Fruit

Are you a climbing fruit lover? Then you can use your chain mesh fence to grow climbing fruit plants like passion fruit and kiwi. Your fence will also abound in the beautiful blossoms of these plants every spring.

5. Add Features Like Vinyl Covers or Wooden Trellises

You can add vinyl covers of many colours to your chain mesh fence. For instance, if you want to cover the bottom half of your fence with a vinyl cover to stop children putting their hands through, you can do so. This would allow you to see through the top half. And you can easily add a trellis to sections of your chain mesh fence too, to grow beautiful climbing plants.

6. Use Your Fence as a Backdrop for Sports Like Cricket

If you like to play cricket or tennis in your yard, a chain mesh fence will provide a safe and maintenance-free cushion for the balls. A solid fencing material like Colorbond or wood would dent and warp over time. This wouldn't happen with a chain mesh fence.

As you can see, a chain mesh fence is a versatile fencing solution for a residential property. It offers many benefits that other fence types simply cannot.