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How to Make Your Property More Secure for Your New Arrival

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You may have owned your property for several years and have enjoyed its open design and spacious grounds. There is no physical border between you and your neighbours, and this makes the whole place look a lot bigger. However, things have now changed, and you have a new addition to the family who will soon be finding his or her feet and getting ready to explore the garden. Consequently, you will need to install a fence all around the property for safety and security purposes and may be thinking about a chain-link option. Read More»

Upgrades to Consider for Your Standard Auto Gate

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Automatic gates are fairly common for farms and smaller homesteads. The most common type of gate is a simple remote controlled automatic gate system. The system opens with a controller from a car or truck, allowing the gate to slide open on approach. If you have one of these gates, you may be considering upgrading. Here are a few of the upgrade options available before you schedule your auto gate installation. Read More»

5 Important Accessories That Need to Accompany Your Automated Steel Gates

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Are you contemplating installing an automated steel gate in your home? Or do you intend to increase its functionality? If so, then you should think about accessorising it. If you accessorise well, you’ll be able to enjoy convenient gate operation while beefing up your home security. Here are five essential features you can incorporate into your automated steel gate system. Security Surveillance Systems By installing video surveillance systems such CCTV security cameras on your property, you’ll be able to monitor who enters and leaves your property. Read More»