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Upgrades to Consider for Your Standard Auto Gate

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Automatic gates are fairly common for farms and smaller homesteads. The most common type of gate is a simple remote controlled automatic gate system. The system opens with a controller from a car or truck, allowing the gate to slide open on approach. If you have one of these gates, you may be considering upgrading. Here are a few of the upgrade options available before you schedule your auto gate installation.

Sensor Upgrades

One of the first upgrades to consider for your automatic gate is the addition of a sensor. This sensor would recognize when a car approaches from either side of the gate. The gate will automatically open and remain open until the car has passed the second sensor. At that time the gate will close and lock back in place. This sensor can be adjusted to operate during only certain hours as well for added security. Keep in mind the sensors can be placed on a timer as well, allowing for several seconds or minutes for the car to pass through the gate before it shuts. 

Keyless Entry

You may want to add a security upgrade feature to the gate. This feature is usually in the form of a security keypad where an alpha or numeric code is entered by the driver. Though these are secure, you can add to the security by upgrading the keyless entry system. This means adding a swipe card feature or even a biometric feature that will scan a hand or fingerprint. Depending on the level of security you need, you may want to go as high tech as possible. Keep in mind, you can change the codes or remove people from access as needed.

Solar Power

One of the issues that you may have with your automatic gate is the connection it has to electricity. If there is a storm that knocks out the power or you experience another power issue, you could be left with having to manually operate the gate. You can avoid this by upgrading to a solar power option. This option allows your automatic gate installation to connect to a solar power source. Regardless of the weather, your gate will still function without having to worry about a manual override.

When you are ready to have any of these upgrades installed and to have your new gate installed, contact your local fencing contractor. They can schedule a time for your auto gate installation. They can also answer questions you have and help with any other services you need.