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5 Important Accessories That Need to Accompany Your Automated Steel Gates

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Are you contemplating installing an automated steel gate in your home? Or do you intend to increase its functionality? If so, then you should think about accessorising it. If you accessorise well, you'll be able to enjoy convenient gate operation while beefing up your home security. Here are five essential features you can incorporate into your automated steel gate system.

Security Surveillance Systems

By installing video surveillance systems such CCTV security cameras on your property, you'll be able to monitor who enters and leaves your property.  In addition, you'll be in a position to record the happenings at your property, providing you with peace of mind that nothing will happen without you knowing. 

Access Control Systems

Make sure you have various access control systems to assist in operation of your gate. These systems may include card readers, remote control system, wireless transmitters, a central operating area for a security guard and car tag sensor equipment.

Intercom Systems

Some people may come to your space unannounced. You may want to know who's at the gate before ushering them in. Intercom systems can come in handy as they can allow you to communicate with the people at your gate from the comfort of your house.

Automated Exit System

Another accessory that you may install to complement your steel gate is the automated exit system. The automated exit system allows the gate to open when a car is exiting the premises. This prevents time wastage and allows owners to enjoy the convenience of an automated gate system. 

Automated Emergency Exits

You should always configure your gate system for emergencies. You can install emergency features that allow emergency vehicles such as police vehicles, fire engines and ambulances to gain access to your property. By installing siren activators and key boxes, you can enable specified emergency vehicles to gain access to your property during emergencies. In case of emergencies such as fire incidences that may lead to electrical malfunction, you should still be able to exit the premises by installing backup generators that activate once emergency procedures are induced.

Aside from the above-discussed points, there are many other things you can do to improve the functionality of your automated steel gate function. Contact an automatic gate specialist to find out what can be done to make your installation a big success. They'll listen to your needs and advise on the best ways to achieve your goal.