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How to Make Your Property More Secure for Your New Arrival

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You may have owned your property for several years and have enjoyed its open design and spacious grounds. There is no physical border between you and your neighbours, and this makes the whole place look a lot bigger. However, things have now changed, and you have a new addition to the family who will soon be finding his or her feet and getting ready to explore the garden. Consequently, you will need to install a fence all around the property for safety and security purposes and may be thinking about a chain-link option. What is the best way to approach this?

Open but Secure

A chain-link fence is a good solution because it provides a secure border while allowing the little one to see outside. They will be able to marvel at passing cars, people and dogs while they remain a safe distance away from the action.

Concrete or Not

You need to make sure that your chain-link fence is perfectly secure, however, so that you don't have to worry about a breach at any time. You have to decide whether to set each post in concrete or simply drive it into the ground, and much will depend on your soil composition.

If the soil underneath your feet is clay, then you may find it quite difficult to dig. It also has a tendency to expand and contract with the various seasons, and in this case, you should probably consider a concrete anchor.

Manual Approach

If you do decide to go ahead without using concrete, then you must make sure that each fence post is driven well into the ground. Experts recommend that at least one third of the post is underneath the surface, and you may find it useful to get an auger to help you with your excavation. Otherwise, it's likely to take you a long time and be quite backbreaking work.

Some people decide to set a concrete anchor for the corner posts only, and while this may work in certain circumstances, you've got to guard against "sag" caused by shifting. This can be a real problem, especially after inclement weather.

Better Approach

Seeing as there is so much on the line and security must be top of the mind, bring in a fence contractor to do the work for you. They will erect your posts and chain-link fence properly so that it lasts for years to come.