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Five Things to Consider When Choosing Cyclone Fencing for Security Needs

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Cyclone wire fences are often used to add more security to facilities, and if you want to boost the security levels around your hotel, car park, special event venue or other type of facility, cyclone fencing can help. However, to ensure your facility's safe, there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing your fencing. In particular, you need to consider these five questions:

1. How are you going to secure the posts?

The posts hold the panels of your cyclone fencing together, and if someone can move your posts they can easily more your fence. If you're adding the fence permanently, you most likely want to dig into the ground and cement the posts in place. However, if the fence is temporary, you should use heavy concrete blocks that you can secure the posts into but that prevent the fence from moving.

2. Which thickness and coating do you want for your wires?

When you buy cyclone fencing, you get to choose between a range of different metal widths and coatings. Ideally, for optimal security, you want a metal that is too thick to cut through. Typically, with coating, you can choose between zinc and aluminium coatings. In most cases, zinc has more strength than aluminium.

In addition, you may want to consider whether or not the wiring you choose for your cyclone fencing is sturdy enough to be welded. That way, if there is ever any damage, you can easily weld a patch a of new metal on, and you don't have to worry about the integrity of the fence.

3. Which size of diamonds do you want?

Once you decide which thickness and coating you want for your metal fence, you need to decide which size of diamond shapes you want in your metal fence. There are a range of sizes, and when selecting the right size for your security needs, you need to consider the following security issues:

  1. Could someone pass a weapon such as a knife through the holes in your fence to someone who is already inside?

  2. Are your fence holes large enough to work as footholds if someone wants to climb the fence?

Ideally, you want to answer no to both of those questions.

4. How do you want the metal attached to the rails?

Cyclone fencing can be attached to the top and bottom rails of the fence in a couple of different ways. At the bottom and top of each diamond in the fence, there is a bit of metal. It can be hooked in such a way that it easily slots under and around the bottom rail or over and around the top rail. This creates a secure connection that is ideal if you are trying to make your facility safer.

The other option features the metal twisted together both below and above the metal. As there is no hook shape, you have to attach the metal panels to the top and bottom rails by tying them together. Unfortunately, this is not as secure of an option.

5. Where do you want to secure your facility?

Once you have decided on the particulars, you need to decide where you want your fence. Of course, you can use cyclone fence around a large outside area or around the perimetre of a property, but you can also use it on the facility itself. For example, you can fit parts of cyclone fencing around building columns, air conditioning ducts or anything else that may be prone to theft or vandalism. Most cyclone fencing is slightly pliable so that it can be wrapped around elements like these as needed.

To learn more about choosing the perfect cyclone fencing for your security needs, contact a fencing expert or local company, such as Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd.