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Pool Fencing: Tips to Narrowing Down Your Options

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You would think that making a selection of fencing would be much easier in this day and age due to the variety of materials and styles that you could choose from. However, this wide assortment of options can actually make it easier for you to make the wrong choice of fencing, especially if you are not considering the main functionality of the fencing. Some individuals will opt to focus on aesthetics and then realise that the maintenance of the fencing is much more arduous than they bargained for. If you are considering pool fencing, below are a few tips to help you with narrowing down your options.

Tip 1: Bear in mind the area being fenced

The fencing that you will use for your pool will differ from the type of fencing that would be suitable for say perimeter fencing or garden fencing. This is because the pool area will be exposed to different conditions. For instance, a live fence may seem appropriate for the perimeter of your property, but live fencing may be adversely affected by the chlorine and other chemicals that it would come into contact with from water being splashed from the pool.

On the other hand, you may want uniformity and choose timber fencing for your pool to match your perimeter fencing. Over time, you will start to find this timber fencing is deteriorating due to decay or warping due to the high moisture content of the pool area. Thus, if you are contemplating pool-fencing materials, consider materials such as aluminium or glass that would not be composited by the wet conditions of this area.

Tip 2: Bear in mind the lifespan of the fencing

Different fencing materials will have varying longevity. As such, when making a decision on your pool fencing, you should first establish how long you would like the fencing to be in place.

For example, if you are looking to install pool fencing because you would like to keep your younger children safe, you may want to consider mesh fencing. This is a great semi-permanent fencing as it will provide you with the security you need around your pool area but with the option of low-cost removal of the fencing once your children are older and do not need to be restricted from accessing the pool area.

Alternatively, if you are looking for long lasting fencing that would increase the value of your property, you may want to opt for glass panels. This fencing comprises of toughened glass and can be coupled with other materials such as stainless steel to give it a contemporary feel. The modern design of this fencing ensures it will stay relevant for the long term too.