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Picket Fencing: Reasons They Remain a Popular Option

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When most people think of living in the leafy suburbs, they tend to conjure up images of a neat lawn and a white picket fence because picket fencing has always been considered one of the more attractive fencing options. Additionally, picket fences seem to perpetuate the idea of peaceful, suburban living. Thus, it should come as no surprise that picket fences have remained a staple choice for many homeowners. If you are contemplating new fencing for your property, here are some of the compelling reasons why picket fencing remains a popular option.

Picket fencing provides your property with a classic appeal

If you would like a timeless aesthetic to your premises, picket fencing would be right up your alley. The classic design of the white picket fence is nowhere near going out of style. Therefore, you can rest assured that the addition of a picket fence will increase the attractiveness of your property. In the event that you are looking to sell your property down the road, your picket fence may give your property an edge over the competition. Moreover, the picket fencing will increase the value of your property, which guarantees you a profitable sale of your property. Overall, the white picket fencing will not only make your home more attractive, but it will also make it more valuable.

Picket fencing provides you with unobstructed views

Another reason to consider picket fencing is that it does not make your home look like a fortress. Typically, picket fencing is installed to demarcate property. However, it can also be functional as it can keep your kids and pets on your property. Other types of fencing may provide you with this degree of security or greater, but you will find that they also make your premises look unapproachable. With a picket fence, you can rest assured your kids and pets are safe while still being able to showcase your manicured lawns, neat hedges, and attractive property, which makes picket fences especially ideal for cul de sacs where each home contributes to the overall aesthetic of the neighbourhood.

Picket fencing provides you with simple installation

If you are an avid DIYer, a picket fence would be the right design for your property. The relatively simple design of this fencing makes it easy to put up. In addition to this, you can use any material you like, so you can let your creativity run wild!