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On the Fence About a Privacy Screen? Check Out These Additional Benefits

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If you have a metal fence with openings, that can look beautiful, but for many homeowners, it doesn't provide the privacy they need and want. Luckily, there are privacy screens. If you've been thinking about installing a privacy screen but you're on the fence about the decision, you may want to check out these additional benefits:

1. Privacy Screens Can Reduce Wind

When you add a privacy screen, it prevents neighbours and passersby from seeing into your property, but it also stops some wind from getting past the property line. If you have a pool, the windbreak provided by a privacy screen may prevent or at least slow evaporation of your pool water. That can save you money.

Similarly, the windbreak can prevent unwanted erosion of the soil in your garden, and that can protect your plants as well.

2. Privacy Screens Offer Shade

Depending on the location of your fence, a privacy screen may add additional shade to your yard. To boost the level of shade available, you may want to look for a screen that has UV protection built into it. Most screen manufacturers specify a level so you know how much protection you are getting.

If you have a fence around your patio, a privacy screen can help shield you from the slanted rays of the setting sun. If the fence is near the perimeter of your property, it gives you more flexibility for locating children's sand boxes along the fence or for putting in plants that love the shade.

3. Privacy Screens Add Colour

Tired of the look of your fence? Then, you may love adding colour with a privacy screen. They can come in a multitude of colours to coordinate with your landscaping or to add an interesting touch to your existing look. Some privacy screens even feature patterns.

4. Privacy Screens Can Help Anxious Dogs

Many dogs become anxious when other dogs or humans walk by. If your dog is in this category, he may feel calmer if he doesn't see all the activity on the other side of the fence. A privacy screen can create a calmer space for your dogs.

5. Privacy Screens Hide Ugly Streetscape

In other cases, you may want to use a privacy screen to hide the appearance of ugly streets or the neighbour's unkempt yards. This can work in residential neighbourhoods, but it also applies to restaurant owners or others who are thinking about adding a privacy screen to their outdoor dining spaces.

Privacy screens offer a lot more than just privacy. If you are thinking about investing in one, contact a salesperson to talk more today.