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Defending Your Industrial Unit: 3 Things to Consider

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Industrial units can be tempting targets for thieves who wish to get their hands on the expensive equipment and materials stored inside. Because industrial units are often located away from residential areas, they can be very quiet areas at night which can increase the likelihood that any intruders will enter undetected. Fencing is the first line of defence against thieves. If you are considering which type of fencing to install at your industrial compound, you should consider the following points.

Lines of sight

While it may be tempting to erect a solid concrete fence around your industrial unit, it is important to understand that this could actually be counter productive. While a concrete fence is a sturdy structure which will help to keep intruders out, it could also offer them a degree of protection. Think about it, if an intruder manages to climb over or otherwise breach the concrete fence which surrounds your industrial compound, they will be completely invisible to any security or police patrols which are operating in the area. To prevent this problem from occurring, you should opt for a fence which features a wire mesh or metal bars as this will provide a line of sight into the unit, increasing the chance that any intruder will be spotted.

Collision protection

Thieves will often attack industrial units by using a ram-raid technique. The technique involves driving a vehicle at high speed into the gates or fencing which surround an industrial unit in order to breach them. The vehicle is then loaded up with materials or equipment before being reversed out of the gap in the fence so the thieves can make their get away. When considering which type of fence you wish to install, you should consider the protection offered against vehicle damage of this kind. A fencing contractor may be able to reinforce the fence for you, or you may wish to have bollards placed in front of the fencing.

Additional security features

Finally, you should speak with the fencing contractor about what additional security features they can offer you. Additional security features which may be useful in defending your industrial unit include fence top spikes, razor wire, anti-climb paint or additional lighting. These features will help to deter any potential intruders.

If you would like further information or advice about how fencing can help to protect your industrial unit, you should speak to any fencing contractor today.