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Important Questions to Ask About a Security Fence for Your Business

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A security fence, or one with an alarm that sounds if it's vandalized or has someone climbing on it, can be very important for any business. However, security fencing may be especially vital for a business that warehouses products that thieves may want to steal or one with machinery and equipment that is also a prime target for theft. Installing a security fence can also be a good idea if you have staff working onsite during the evening hours, when break-ins are more likely to occur. Note a few questions you'll want to ask about a security fence for your property so you know you'll choose the right one and will have a business that is safe and secure all hours of the day.

Ask if it can be zoned

A zoned security fence can allow you to turn off the alarm feature for various areas of the fence. This can be necessary if you have staff that work around the clock or if your building gets deliveries around the clock. You can turn off the alarm feature for the entryway or delivery area while still having an alarm on the fence that surrounds the back of the building and any area not covered by security cameras. You can also turn on and off any areas of the fence that surround property that is empty at various times throughout the day, such as the office entryway that might close during just one shift, or a delivery area that closes during lunchbreak.

Ask about the wires being cut

For true security, you want the alarm for your fence to work even if the wires are cut. This should send a signal to an alarm monitoring company or to your own security office so that the area of this vandalism can be checked for potential intruders.

Ask about solar power

Solar power for your security fence can help to reduce the city-supplied power you use so you don't face a steep increase in your power bill after your security fence is installed. However, it can also work as a backup in case the city-supplied power is interrupted. If the power should go out because of storms or damage to a nearby transformer or power plant, your security fence will simply draw power from the solar panels and their batteries, so you should have uninterrupted power for your fence. This will ensure your security is not at risk, even if the city's power is faulty.