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Pool Fencing – Why Glass Is an Impeccable Choice for Your Property

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As long as you have a pool, fencing is mandatory so that you can meet Australia's safety regulations. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your choice of fencing has to be bland and boring. With the myriad of materials and designs available, your pool fencing can significantly contribute to the kerb appeal of your pool area. But this abundance of choices can also make selecting pool fencing incredibly daunting for some homeowners may not be familiar with style and design. If you want a simple yet elegant option, glass fencing is a great selection. Below are reasons why glass pool fencing can be one of the impeccable choices you make for your property. 

Increased practicality with glass fencing

The primary purpose of pool fencing is to ensure that you have a sturdy barrier around this area. However, you also have to factor in the unique conditions that the fencing material will be exposed to, as it will dictate how practical it will be for this application. For example, timber fencing is a popular option due to its affordability and ready availability. But timber fencing will deteriorate in a short time by succumbing to rot due to the increased exposure to moisture. Steel may also be an option that you are contemplating, but the environmental conditions mean an increased risk of corrosion.

Glass is best for pool fencing since it will not have a proclivity for early degradation due to splashes from the swimming pool. Moreover, the tempered glass that this fencing is manufactured from makes it resistant to breakage when people bump into the fence. Lastly, the panels of glass eliminate any chance of kids or pets trying to squeeze through the pool fence and becoming stuck in the process.

Reduced maintenance of glass pool fencing

Since pool fencing is a must-have, some homeowners may accept rigorous maintenance as part of the package. Pool fencing made from timber will require routine treatments to make sure it does not become infested with pests such as termites. Additionally, regular staining or painting will be crucial to maintaining the lustre of the timber.

Steel may need less maintenance than wood, but it is still more rigorous than glass. Without periodic oiling and application of protective coatings, the steel is bound to rust particularly around the fasteners. And this severely diminishes its integrity. Glass fencing accords you stress-free maintenance as all it requires is wiping to keep smudges at bay and keep its appearance as good as new!