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Installing Automated Gates? Keep These Three Main Considerations in Mind

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If you are looking to bolster the security of your residence, then you may be thinking of starting by securing your perimeter. One of the best solutions for you would be installing automated gates. However, while automated gates do provide you with a high degree of security, their installation is more complicated than traditional manual gates. Thus, there are some essential factors to bear in mind if you gates are to provide you with the best performance. This article looks at the three main consideration that every homeowner should have when installing automated gates.

Allow for manual operation

While the primary aim of automation is to eliminate the manual aspect of gate operation, you should not wholly set this aside. It is always advisable to allow for manual operation too so that the gates are operable at all times. For instance, your property might experience a power cut or any other form of emergency, and it will be imperative to be able to open and shut your gates as need be. Moreover, the manual operation will not interfere with the gates' automation, so it is a worthwhile feature to have.

Choose the right location

One thing you may not know about automated gate is that the style that you choose will dictate the location of the gates. Homeowners who have an incline on their driveway will have to consider installing automated sliding gates rather than the swinging variety. The reason behind this is that swinging gates will almost always be harder to open and close on a slope because the incline of the ground interferes with the swinging motion. On the other hand, if you have a flat driveway, then both the swinging and sliding variety will work fine unless there is minimal leeway between the gates and the road, which will then mean that sliding gates will be a more suitable fit.

Factor in pedestrian and tradie access

Not all your visitors will arrive at your gate by vehicle, so it is also important to factor in access to both pedestrians, as well as tradies. For visitors on foot, it is advisable to have a pedestrian gate installed in tandem with an intercom system. For tradies, on the other hand, you should have a time dock system that works with a push button. This system allows access to postmen, deliveries and other services to have access for a specific time duration rather than handing out access codes.