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Three Factors That Influence How Easy Your Fence Installation Will Be

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Fences are vital in Australia, both for boundary marking and to separate livestock and agriculture from pests. Make no mistake, although there may not be a lot of large predators in Australia, there are dozens of smaller ones ranging from rabbits and foxes to dingos and even camels. With that in mind, making sure that your fence is installed properly is extremely vital, which is why most people correctly defer their installation process to professionals. Here are three factors that will influence just the ease of the fence installation process from beginning to end. 

1. Bedrock

Sometimes there are factors beyond your control that will make some parts of your fencing quite difficult to install. Bedrock is one of those problems that are simply unavoidable. While most fence posts can be punched into the earth and solidified with little effort, bedrock requires special machinery and additional efforts. Before your fence installation begins most contractors will survey whether there is any bedrock in the area that might affect the installation and let you know about any additional costs that you might incur because of this. Unless you go for a very shallow fencing option, this is just one of those problems that you have to deal with.

2. Distance 

If you aren't simply installing a fence around your residential property then odds are that you will require quite a distance for your fencing to cover the boundaries of your land. This is especially relevant for rural farm owners where the cost of the fence installation can actually be greater than the materials. Of course, for most people this might be only a couple of kilometres, maybe less, so it is manageable. But it is worth factoring in this additional cost for longer fences and making sure you budget accordingly. 

3. Custom Solutions

Nature can be quite unpredictable at times and sometimes your fence installation requires some custom solutions to ensure the fence still works around unusual features on your property. For instance, deep ravines, cliffs, especially swampy land and thick foliage all require the unique problem-solving ability that comes with an extra cost. However, these unique fencing solutions are the whole reason most people will turn to professional fencing contractors to install their fences, as they have the experience required to actually implement out of the box ideas that you would probably never come up with on your own.

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