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Two Tips to Follow if You’re Having a Fence Installed to Keep Wildlife off Your Property

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If you've contacted a contractor who offers fencing services, to have them install a fence that you need to put in place to keep local wildlife off your property, here are some tips to follow.

Consult the contractor to find out what fence material would be right for your needs  

Before purchasing materials for this new fence, you should consult the contractor who you've asked to install it and ask them for their opinion, regarding what fence material would be right for this project. The reason for this is that most contractors who provide fencing services will have experience with either fitting or repairing fences that were installed to keep wildlife away from the properties they surround and so will be familiar with the types of fences that tend to work well in this situation.

For example, if there are wild kangaroos in your area that you're trying to keep off your property,  the contractor might suggest that you steer clear of any cheap wooden fences as well as fence pickets and posts that are too stout, as a strong adult kangaroo might be able to knock over a flimsy fence or jump over a stout one. Likewise, if there are wild rabbits in the locale who you want to keep off your land, the contractor might suggest opting for a metal fence, rather than a wooden one that these animals might chew through.

Talk to the contractor about putting a temporary fence in place during the installation

If you have a large property and there are wild animals wandering onto it all day long, then it might be sensible to talk to the contractor about putting a temporary fence in place whilst they're installing the permanent one, and then taking down parts of the former as and when the contractor needs to fit the permanent one. This could reduce the chances of wildlife getting onto your property whilst the contractor is busy putting up the fence.

This would not only ensure that the contractor would not be interrupted by the arrival of wildlife near their work area but would also mean that when the permanent fence has been fitted, you won't need to search your land for wildlife and then guide them through the fence's gate to get them off your property. If the contractor cannot provide the temporary fence directly, they may be able to recommend a business from whom you could rent this item and should be able to help you put it in place before they start fitting the fence.