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Ways to Keep Your Steel Fence in Tip-Top Shape

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Even though your steel fence is designed to survive Australia's harsh weather conditions, it needs some TLC to keep looking great. If you don't do proper fence maintenance, the fence will lose its initial beauty and deteriorate quickly, resulting in a premature fence replacement.

Use these tips to maintain the aesthetics of your steel fence and maximise its lifespan.

Keep plants and debris off your fence lines

Before anything, you should remove any plant material, such as overgrown grass and weeds, growing around your fence lines. If not removed, the material can trap moisture, which can cause the fence material to corrode and deteriorate faster than you expect.

Also, avoid putting rubbish on your fence lines as it can trap moisture and cause problems for your fence.

Clean your fence regularly

The occasional bout of rain that you receive in your area might not be enough to keep your fence clean throughout the year. Hosing it down regularly when you're watering your lawn or washing your car helps keep it dirt-free. Just spray the fence in quick, steady motions to remove the surface dirt, with a garden hose connected to an outdoor tap. 

If simply hosing your fence down doesn't deliver the desired cleaning results, wash the fence using a sponge, soft cloth, or soft-bristled brush and warm soapy water. Use non-abrasive soap to avoid ruining the coating that protects the surface of your fence.

Inspect your fence periodically

In addition to cleaning your fence regularly, you should perform periodic inspections to check for damage. Early identification of fence damage allows you to make timely repairs, which is essential for minimising repair bills and prolonging the life of your fence.

Repaint your fence when it starts to fade

While the surface coating system applied to your steel fence is tough and durable, it gradually deteriorates over time and will eventually need to be redone.

A fresh paint job will help you refresh the look of your fence while protecting the underlying steel against corrosion. As a result, you can make your fence last longer and delay the need for complete fence replacement.

Proper fence care is necessary to get the most out of your steel fencing installation. While there are basic tasks you can perform yourself, others require expert handling to do them correctly.

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