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Five Tips for Stopping Dogs From Urinating on Your Fence and Minimising the Damage

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Unfortunately, if one dog urinates on your fence, it seems to send a message to all the other passing dogs that they should do the same. Eventually, this habit can get smelly and annoying, and over time, the caustic urine can even cause the finish on the fence to start to wear down. Here’s a few ways to deter dogs away from your fence and prevent damage from their urine: Read More»

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Cyclone Fencing for Security Needs

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Cyclone wire fences are often used to add more security to facilities, and if you want to boost the security levels around your hotel, car park, special event venue or other type of facility, cyclone fencing can help. However, to ensure your facility’s safe, there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing your fencing. In particular, you need to consider these five questions: 1. How are you going to secure the posts? Read More»

Make Your Tubular Fence Beautiful With These Five Ideas

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When many people think of tubular fences, they think of sturdy metal gates in the front of cow yards. However, these fences are not exclusively the domain of rural properties. Rather they appear on urban properties as well, where they can sport a range of styles. If you are looking for ways to make your tubular fence look more beautiful for the city, check out these ideas: 1. Play with a range of styles when ordering the fence Read More»